A Relationship With Kinfolk, Friends And The Community As Strong Or Weak?

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Would you classify your relationship with kinfolk, friends and the community as strong or weak? If you are new to an area, you may not be aware of all the valuable assets your town has to offer. So, the association might be inadequate, and education needs to be given to the family that is unfamiliar with the neighborhood. For this reason, I designed an ecomap/genogram for a household and categorized their affiliation with different resources. I shall discuss the findings and some interventions as you proceed through the paper. The map on the previous page denotes a family of six; the mother and father are married and reside in the same home. Together, they have four children ranging in ages eight weeks to 7 years old. The youngest child had an illness of pyloric stenosis which created stress amongst the parents (AL & DL). The sickness caused the child to have to visit the pediatrician’s office, and eventually he landed up in the hospital. The mother developed a strong connection with the nurses and physician caring for her infant during this nerve-wracking time. DL was unemployed, and sometimes he did not receive his check on time; thus, causing extra aggravation with him and the unemployment office. Since AL is the only income for the family unit, tension regularly rises with his wife and in-laws. Frequently, the grandparents had to assist with childcare while the father looked for work. Their energy flow is drawn positively to the grandchildren, and…

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