A Reflection Paper On Learning Matters

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Reflection Paper Number 1
In “Learning Matters: In Schools We Trust” (The Merrow Report, 2013), the evolution of education in the United States is highlighted. This evolutionary history includes what schools were to do for society, its social obligation, and the individuals and entities that felt they should be in charge. Various individuals discuss mass education in an effort to answer these various questions.
Education, as it was conceived prior to mass education, was primarily for the wealthy of society and charity schools were for the poor. Ellen Lagemenn and David Tyak, historians from New York University and Stanford University , each provide a historical view of the motivations for creating common schools. Horace Mann, a prominent figure in early education, and his efforts to create the common school in the 1840 are discussed prominently in the video (The Merrow Report, 2013). The social obligation the common school was to create was unity amongst all members, while also serving various needs of the various populations and institutions of society. Lagemann also goes on to discuss how the states funded schools and provided teacher training, thereby allowing schools to be locally controlled; and Tyack states that Horace Mann reminded society of its obligation to education the masses. In Learning Matters (The Merrow Report, 2013), Diane Ravitch, a historian from New York University, goes onto discuss the next shift in the social obligation of schools. She states the…

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