A Reflection On Who I Am Essay

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Everyone has a past, present, and future. Their past shapes them into who they are today and who they will be tomorrow. I have been involved in many different social groups throughout my life. Each of them has taught me life lessons that I am reminded of on a daily basis. As I thought about these lessons, I realized that a majority of them revolved around perfection. In this essay, I will give you some insight on who I am by telling you about three of those social groups and the ways they have impacted my mindset and made me into the perfectionist I am today.
When my brother was born sixteen years ago, I became an older sister. Two years later, my sister was born, and I became the oldest child. My siblings have taught me so much about life without realizing it. They have shown me the importance of responsibility, laughter, and gentleness. My brother teases me relentlessly, but without the constant jokes and silly embarrassment, I would not understand the importance of laughter. He has taught me that I should not take myself too seriously, and that when life gets irritating, it is always better to laugh it off and learn from it. My sister, being the youngest, has developed a massive amount of sass in her personality. Dealing with her bold opinions and stubbornness has taught me how to speak to her gently, as well as how to teach her to be gentle without taking away her ability to speak her mind. Because of them, I am continuously striving to become a better role model, I have…

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