A Reflection On The Road Essay

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Moreover, there is an orientalist paradigm each tourist carries and the narrator exposes this through how the tourist feels to be in Antigua, where the tourist feels ‘blessed’ and ‘free’ (Kincaid, 5). The feelings described are tied with an ironic tone that arriving in a place riddled with dilapidation from neglect should evoke these feelings, and these feeling are actually an expression of valorizing poverty and exoticizing the natural environment. The road is described as ‘in much need of repair’ but in the tourist’s perception they are seen as a ‘marvelous change’ (5) and within a sentence we are presented with the crux of the problem that the tourist arrives with. The tourist arrives with the need to temporarily vanquish the banality of their lives and this comes in the expense of turning a blind eye to poverty and exoticizing it as a refreshing change. We are presented with the idea of how some perceptions are privileged over others, and in this case it is problematic that the tourist’s opinion is taken as truth in order to allow the tourism industry to thrive. Kincaid shows us that touristic practices and perceptions are forms of latent orientalism where these experiences form views that veer away from the truth and take away the priority of the locals’ perception.
Further more, the language that the narrator uses to describe the hotels constructed for the purpose of tourism further gives the notion of the divide of the locals and the tourist in a format that…

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