A Reflection On The Opening Reflection Essay example

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Opening Reflection As someone who has never lived in fear of losing my home or of not having enough to eat, there are certainly aspects of poverty that I have had little exposure to and struggle to understand. As both of my parents are now disabled, however, I understand what it is like to live with a limited income and to be ever conscious of wasteful spending. Growing up, I lived in a rural North Carolina town, where the primary employment opportunities were farming and a chicken processing plant. Unemployment was low, as these fields and the service industries provided plenty of jobs, but with the exception of certain services, most of these jobs did not pay particularly well. In a small community, one rubs elbows with the other members of that community quite frequently. On my soccer team, for instance, one of my teammates was the son of immigrants who worked at the chicken factory and spoke little English, while another was the son of wealthy business owners. In this setting, I saw that people who were poor certainly had struggles, but also that they could be very happy. When I moved to the suburbs of a larger city, I interacted with people living near the poverty line far less frequently, instead having isolated contact with people living in extreme poverty. It was while visiting Mexico that I first saw rampant poverty affecting entire communities. Some towns lacked even such things as clean running water, which we in America take for granted. Many people lived in…

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