A Reflection On The Learning Environment Essay example

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IV. Character- You are required to turn in 5 character references of your choice of teachers and/or coaches, community members, or other adults that you have worked with. These references will be given to the Faculty Council for review for consideration about your character, so choose these references responsibly. References are to be turned in with your application. Please ask them to put them in a sealed envelope.
We will also be checking discipline and attendance records for each applicant from throughout your high school career. You have the right to inform us of anything we might find, and to explain what you gained from the experience.

V. Classroom Leadership- Please list and describe how you have contributed to the Westfall learning environment. Specifically discuss how you have shown positive leadership in your classrooms. How was this leadership experience beneficial to you and those around you?
I contribute to the Westfall learning environment by providing leadership that is both verbal and by example.
Verbal Leadership: I contribute positive leadership verbally at Westfall by providing guidance and speaking out in my classes. In group activities, I often try to take a lead role in order to provide leadership to achieve the necessary actions to compete the tasks asked by the teacher. As a leader in class, I feel that it is important to lead the other students while also listening to the opinions of others. Examples of how I use verbal leadership are listed…

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