A Reflection On The Importance Of Teamwork Essay

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Reflection Essay 1
This week, I grasped the importance of teamwork. I didn’t recognize how vital it was, and how pooling together our resources would be so crucial to the advancement of our project. For the first session, the ideas we had were dull, to say the least. It was not a fruitful discussion. I attempted to bring some ideas to the fore but my thoughts were instantly shot down. I tried to appeal to those gathered around the table; what if we tweaked it? What if we made a change here, and a change there? Could this be a feasible idea?

The group was still dismissive. I was not even remotely attached to any of these concepts. These were just part of a brainstorm. But it bothered me that there was no room for any ideas. If it was not a fully fledged, operational model, they were not interested. There seemed to me a dissonance: these people around me were engineers. Engineers usually enjoy tackling problems. They enjoy grappling with challenges, head on, and deciphering the various puzzles they entangled themselves with. But my fellow classmates were disinterested in doing so. I started straying from the group I was in: I had tried to take control and attempted to motivate the members of our makeshift party, but they seemed wholly distracted. No one was interested in what anyone had to say, nor were they particularly captivated by the flow of ideas being generated all around the room.

I took a walk through the room and I met a friend. We had both been thinking about a…

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