A Reflection On The Importance Of Achievement Essay

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A sense of meaningfulness is moderately rewarding for me. I like feeling as if the work I am doing is for a purpose. However, it is not nearly as rewarding as actually progressing towards that purpose. Achievement is more important to me than opportunity. For me, the opportunity to do something meaningful is not nearly as fulfilling as progressing towards a meaningful purpose. Yet, if I do not feel like my work has much of a purpose, I will be very discouraged and will not perform with a high quality. So, it is vital that a manager makes sure that I do not fall into this thought process. They ought to make clear that my work helps fulfill a greater purpose. Above that, though, they need to ensure that they do not make me feel as if my work is not purposeful. Obviously there is always a purpose, otherwise there should not be a job, but if a manager forgets this is frustration, it could be devastating towards the quality of work I put forth, and would lead me to look for a new job. Since I would lose organizational commitment, this job would likely be in another organization. With all of this is mind, I need to make sure that I choose a career, and a job that fits with what intrinsically motivates me. Since I am so goal and progress oriented, it would be good for me to have a job where there are a lot of clear marks of progress that I can see. Since there can be levels of competence in any job, that would not be a large factor in considering a career path. However, I would…

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