A Reflection On The Image Of God Essay

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Being made in the image of God is such an important concept that humans need to comprehend. Our full understanding and identity of who we are as human being relies on man being able to grasp and analyze this idea. According to Gerald Bay, being able to study and evaluate being made in the image of God will lead to understanding how the fall of Adam affected the image of God.
2. Philosophical Foundations or Presuppositions To first be able to study and explore what being made in the image of God means, one must first have a concrete understanding that God did in fact create us and that His creation is divine. This is such an important key to understanding being made in God’s image because the Bible itself gives a very thorough explanation of how God created man. There is no such detail on the creation of angels, and just a brief overview on the creation of nature and wild life, but Bible gives a great account on the creation of man.
Another philosophical foundation that man must understand, is that being made in the image of God allows him the potential to be holy, according to Edwin Firmage. It is crucial to understand that in Firmage saying this, that is does not mean that man in himself can be holy simply because of who he is, but that he have holy attributes that magnify God in him. This foundation allows the expansion of other attributes of God to fall into the characterization of mankind. Because we were made in the image of God, we can be viewed as His creation,…

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