A Reflection On The Death Of Attorney Of Two Close Family Members

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I myself find myself uncomfortable with being around death but readily available to do so. I have planned a funeral in the past of someone very close and dear to me and was not ready to lose such person. Since that occurrence it has made me realize whether comfortable or not with the topic it is best to be prepared. I was recently asked to be the power of attorney of two close family members because they believe I can best handle such circumstances. I personally feel that when tough situations like death arise you need to deal with them head on because avoidance causes more emotional turmoil in the long run.
As for my beliefs about after death, I am religious. I believe how we are on earth will determine where we go in our after life; heaven or hell. Although, I am uncomfortable with death choose to be around those facing imminent death. Although it hurts I believe being with them and not reflecting too much sadness is helpful. I don’t feel I would want to miss any time with those dear to me if their life were ending.
The course materials definitely have changed my perspective. Although I knew spending time with those facing imminent death was important, I was astonished to hear that doctors and loved ones might avoid doing so. I guess it makes sense because of the pain but the materials reassure my beliefs of how important it is to be with those facing death.
Hello Alexander,
I agree, we must be sensitive of whether or not the individual wants to speak about death. Yes,…

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