A Reflection On The Danger Of A Single Story Essay

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A Reflection: The Danger of a Single Story
As most people, my story consists of an abundance of struggle, trial and error, and also lessons. These challenges, in addition to the lessons, have brought upon stress, anxiety, and even depression into my life. They have made me question myself to the point of insanity, avoid meeting and accepting new people into my life, and even fail to uphold the bonds I had previously made with both relatives and peers. However, I cannot be defined and bound to the “single story” of my anxiety. There are many more complex stories that represent me even more adequately than the ones that correspond to the struggles I’ve faced; as there are many more stories significant to other various people, places and things that are often represented by one single thought or occurrence as well.
What Adichie was referring to when she talked about the danger of a single story is essentially that as a single story circulates among various populations, whether it is positive or negative, it becomes the only story that represents a certain person, place or thing. For example, she conveys that it is dangerous because it promotes stereotypes and deprives people of the knowledge of other cultures outside of their own. Consequently, she thoroughly described her own experience with her American roommate at University and stereotypes by referring to what her roommate was taught about Nigerian people: that they were sheltered and unintelligent especially when it came…

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