A Reflection On The Classroom Essay

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Sunday March 27, 2016 I had the opportunity to sit down and meet with my niece Nu, my daughter Tracey, Sister Jackie, and my nieces Katrice and Paula. First, I presented to the group that the purpose of the meet, which was to get clarity on about Muslim belief and that Nu was going to help us with that. Second, that everyone has an open mind as we discuss this topic. It was expressed that because most of our morals and beliefs are of another religion, the family was lacking knowledge in of the Muslim beliefs and morals. They were told that Nu has agreed to help the family gain a better understanding of this religion, so that a level of respect will be established between Nu and the family. Several topics were discussed; however the topic of prayer was the mainframe due to this is what we were seeing Nu do through the family. Katrice ask, “Why is it every time when the family is gathered for picnics, birthday celebration or any other family event, we always see you and your husband go to a room and pray?’ The response was that in the Muslin religion it is the 2nd pillar called, Salah in Islam. She prays 5 times a day, to maintain her connection to Allah. After all, the question were answered, everyone agreed that having this meetinging had helped them gain a better understanding of the Muslim beliefs and morals. I know for my self this was certainly a positive cultural experience, because so many of the Muslim beliefs are similar to what I had been taught growing up in the…

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