A Reflection On Substance Abuse Community Essay

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I must admit I took this course with the hope of understanding the substance abuse community with a desire of having enough knowledge to carry an intelligent conversation with some knowledge of the subject. I was blown away as I researched my papers topic and found it frustrating and sad at times, but ironically I still have hope that as we reach forward and continue to give effort we can and will make a change in the lives of the incarnated. My paper will attempt to dive into the recovery programs offered to inmates and other treatments by sharing the history and beliefs from the past and how crime and abuse appear to go hand in hand I hope to make clear the state of the penal system hearing from some of those that have used the resources we can gain a greater understanding of the system works and where we can make improvements. The goal is to find out if possible how effective these programs are.

In The Early Years In the 1970’s faith in rehabilitation or our correctional institutions changed. The idea that prisons are temporary holding centers set up to primarily reform convicts and prepare them for reintegration, started to decline. Now Super-max prisons hold inmates and establish rehabilitation programs to minimize risk by “ identifying and managing certain unruly groups” (Freely and Simon 1992; Pizarro and Pratt 2006).
It is this belief that has led to setting aside rehabs in lieu of “new managerial styles and policies accompanied the changing criminological thought…

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