A Reflection On Scenes In Sophocles's Antigone?

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From the middle of September, to the end of October, the tenth grade theater majors have been working on scenes from the Greek play, Antigone, by Sophocles. We first learned about the history of the Greeks and presented notes to each other. We then read Antigone independently. After that, Ms.Carpenter, our theater teacher, broke us up into groups of two or three and assigned us one scene from the play. I was paired up with Hailey and we were given the first scene in the play. I was assigned to the character Antigone and Hailey was assigned to Ismene, Antigone’s sister. Antigone is the story of two brothers and their sisters. The brothers, Polynices and Eteocles died while fighting on opposing sides of a civil war, in hopes of gaining control of the city, Thebes. Since both brothers died, the siblings uncle, Creon, becomes the ruler. Creon makes the decision that Eteocles will be buried with honor but Polynices will not be buried at all. This infuriates Antigone, and she plots a way to bury Polynices without Creon knowing. Antigone then tries to convince her sister Ismene to help her. The play ends in tragedy for all.
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We also knew from the start, because of Ms.Carpenters suggestion, that the scene would benefit and from lots of physical blocking. This was a challenge for me because I dislike being touched but I know now, looking back on the experience, that me coming out of my comfort zone expanded my comfort zone and now I am more comfortable with touching and/or more physical blocking. Our first blocking rehearsal we scheduled a one-o-one “directing” session with Ms.Carpenter we were rudely interrupted by two fire drills but we managed to get about 20 minutes of coaching. With Ms.Carpenters’ help we blocked about the first five lines of the scene, we decided that the entrance should be Antigone pulling Ismene into an adjacent room from party room to inform her of the

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