Essay on A Reflection On Positive Organization

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Positive Organization

It’s early September, school is in session, and my dad’s away on a trip. I’m sixteen years old and I’ve never been put in a life or death situation. I have no knowledge of how I would handle something so stressful, scary, and intimidating. I wonder how someone would do it. I’ve always been told I’m a perfectionist and a little too organized, but I never truly believed that till my mom was put in the hospital and everything was left in my hands.
So it’s Monday, the start to a new week and everything’s the same except my dad’s on a trip in Vegas. I go through the day and nothings out of the ordinary. Everyone is tired, sleepy and the classes are boring as usual. The end of the day arrives, and it’s warm, sunny, and beautiful outside. Then the worst comes. I turn on my phone to see that there’s a voicemail from my dad. A shock ran through me, like my body was preparing itself for impact. My dad’s voicemail said he couldn’t reach mom. My heart suddenly drops. I quickly hang up the phone and call my house. It felt like time had stopped, the tone kept ringing each one sounding longer than the last, almost like church bells by the time it was picked up. It was my Uncle Johnny on the phone. He informed me that my mom was in the hospital and that she is being taken care of and should be okay. I start to cry but then I quickly pull myself together and start planning what I need to do. I began with picking up my little sister Natalie and telling her about the…

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