Essay on A Reflection On My Supervisor

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For this Jewish family I would write a qualitative assessment to give to my supervisor. The key components from this case would include Ruthie and Herbie don’t like and hide the fact that their daughter is a lesbian. In fact even in the public’s eye they are not what they seem. When they go off the airplane an elderly woman calls them sisters and they just ignore it as though they are so use to it. Ruthie and Herbie love their daughter very much and want her to be happy. Rachel announces during dinner that she is pregnant in front of all her family. Rachel states to her mother many times that she is happy and that she shouldn’t worry. Rachel and her partner Carla go to bed together laughing and having a good time. While in the room next to them Ruthie and Herbie and in bed crying thinking they messed up somewhere raising their daughter. Observations would be included as well by Art the brother who attempts to make peace with the family during a difficult time. He seems to just want to have a good Thanksgiving with the family. They don’t treat her partner Carla as part of the family and introducer her as a roommate to their Aunt and Uncle. They were given separate beds as they are each and every year. This is another sign that they are not accepted as a couple. Rachel however is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. She has so much so say to her family but she does not know when to say it because she does not think they will understand. Herbie and Aunt Bea start talking…

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