Essay on A Reflection On My Service Learning Experience

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Every student is different due to experiences and it is especially important to realize that they vary from day to day just like Michie experienced during his days as a teacher. Throughout my own education I have learned a lot, but I have learned more from dealing with my peers and with experiences outside of my daily lessons. I personally had difficulty relating to the experiences Michie’s students faced. Yet, through my service learning experience I have noticed some similarities between Michie’s experiences and the events that have occurred in classrooms I have observed in. What I noticed to be the most common was implementing classroom management.
Just as Michie struggled with being a teacher and having to deal with his students acting out so have all of the teachers I have observed. Just as Michie had a few breakdowns I have observed teachers yelling at students, separating “troublemakers” and even wrongfully using students as examples of what not to do. In chapter one, Room to Learn, there are many examples of Michie and his struggle to control his class. Michie has the question what is a bill on the chalkboard and waits for his students to settle down. After 5 full minutes, Michie finally gets the classes attention and calls on Ervin to answer the question. “Ervin how bout it, what’s a bill?” (pg 1) Ervin responds jokingly “what like a phone bill?” (pg 1), this immediately led the class into a tangent on things unrelated to a Bill. By waiting such a long time to…

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