Essay on A Reflection On My Life

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As I tip toed into the Muskoka Yoga and Wellness Retreat on the early morning of July third, my mind began racing frantically with doubts on this upcoming endeavour I was entering into. I had been feeling anxious and detached from my friends and family the weeks prior to finding the advertisement for the retreat at my local yoga studio one night. The words relaxation, recover and renewal were bolded on the sign, which immediately grasped my attention. It was fate. This discovery could not have shown itself at a better moment in my life. I took one of the flyers home that night and hung it on my bedroom wall. As the days passed, and the sign continued to stare me in the face, the more I was tempted to register. Reflecting on my negative outlook on the recent months, and how I had begun prioritizing materialistic things rather than my emotional and physical well being, I decided this retreat was necessary. I stepped up to the registration booth and handed the woman my consent form, the payment, and the most difficult of all, my cellphone. Many of my family and friends, especially my mother, claim I am addicted to my cellphone. I can’t say that I completely disagree with them, as I do truly love my cellphone. As heartbreaking it was to let go of the object I keep within my arm’s reach twenty four- seven, the woman who greeted me at the booth made the detachment much easier. She was a young asian woman, who’s gorgeous skin and smile was beaming with happiness and positivity.…

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