A Reflection On My Life Essay

1168 Words Dec 29th, 2015 null Page
Success is the only word that comes to mind when I consider my future. Throughout my life, I have imagined myself as an individual who gives back to the community through counseling or social services. Growing up in the small town of Tulare has restricted the number of opportunities that I have. Several of my colleagues come from low-income families that are forced to use government services that supply financial assistance. After observing the poverty around me, I am motivated to seek a better life. I am aware that my community is not the ideal community, but I desire to assist it to get one step closer to being ideal. To make this vision a reality, I will have to strive. I will do anything required to achieve my goal, no matter what obstacles intersect my path.

To start with, there is one factor that inspires me to become successful is seeing my family overcome difficult circumstances. My mother works for only a few months out of the year and is compelled to file for unemployment for the remainder of the year. Each year when her unemployment checks end my father is obligated to pay all of the bills. Since we do not qualify for benefits such as free lunch at school or free college applications I was impelled to find a job. Currently, I am employed at my school cafeteria and at Justice, which is a retail store in the Tulare Outlet Center. Both jobs have allowed me to learn and grow by teaching me responsibility and time management. When I first began to work I did not know…

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