A Reflection On My Current Conflict Style Essay

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Introduction Paper:
When it comes to conflict I feel that it is something that it can be a very annoying part of life. Conflict has the ability to be both good as well as bad in specific situations but I am referring more to the bad side of conflict. I believe that if certain things can be avoided then as human beings we should do our best to live in peace and less stress. Life is unpredictable as it stands but we should monitor the amount of stress we allow and most times create in our lives. My belief is that when stress decreases the natural reaction to such is that happiness increases, leading to a healthier outlook on a person’s life and self so this means we should all strive to solve conflicts as soon as possible instead of dwelling on it, causing it to linger because not coming up with a solution is precisely just that, not coming up with a solution.
I would describe my current conflict style as being one of an “avoidant” (Cupach, p.68) person. When a conflict arises I am normally the one that approaches it with the thought “okay, you’re trying to cause an issue in the life of one that is not your own. This crap must come to an end immediately.” Here is where I make decision to make the effort to solve that issue or ignore/dismiss the issue as well as the person that has ignited this issue and continue to live my life, free of the concern for that person and issue.
I approach conflicts from the perspective of personality. When I begin to assess the conflict…

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