A Reflection On Loss Of Limb Loss Essay

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According to census.gov one in five Americans are living with some kind of disability, according to the 2010 census that is over fifty-six million people. The Amputee-Coalition.org states more than 500 Hundred Americans lose a limb daily. Limb loss is the loss or non-development of a portion or complete loss of an arm or leg. The CDC estimates that nearly two million Americans are living with limb loss in the United States today. Unlike these resilient people I was able to choose what disability I would live with for a third of my day. Initially I wanted to go without my right leg for eight hours. However making accommodations for this was proving to be a little difficult and time restrictions prevented this. Thusly on January 24th, 2016 in the middle of my shift at work I placed my right arm in a sling provided by the therapy department at AM Mcgregor skilled care facility. I wanted to challenge myself with this project which is why I chose my eight hours to begin at two in the morning during my night shift job. If I would go from 2am to 10am in the morning I would have to collect specimen transport patients to dialysis and run test at work. At home I would have to iron clothes do laundry cook breakfast, and sign Carlos reading log, drive my car and complete one class without use of my right arm and hand.
Losing my arm the therapist at work placed a tight pad around my arm that wrapped around my entire upper-body, then placed the sling around my forearm and elbow, the…

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