A Reflection On Leadership And Leadership Essay

1273 Words Oct 6th, 2016 6 Pages
Introduction Leadership can be defined as striving to help others reach their highest potential by influencing an individual’s attitudes and beliefs (Pullen, 2016). Followership is an integral part of leadership and without follower’s leadership would not occur. Followership can be defined as the individuals who follow the leaders and take direction well (Kean, Haycock-Stuart, Baggaley & Carson, 2011). Leadership and followership are key components not only in the nursing profession but in all group settings, which lead to successful teamwork (Miller, 2007). This reflective paper will begin by describing my experiences of being a leader/follower and then will outline the outcomes of the experiences. Next, I will describe my leadership/followership development in nursing. This reflective paper will then outline the supports and barriers of leadership and lastly, will describe my learning goals.
Profile of me as a Leader/Follower Leaders work to influence the individuals around them to achieve their personal or team goals. Formal leadership is a position assigned by an organization to an individual (Abbass Dick, 2016). In my workplace, I was assigned a formal leadership role as the head hostess. I was assigned the task of training and I was in charge of delegating their tasks while at work. I have also shown leadership while playing on my soccer team. I took a leadership role and helped new members of the team feel welcome and helped the team work together to win our…

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