A Reflection On Implementing A Vision Essay

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Implementing a Vision
CEO, Martin Thomas decided he needed to change the culture of his organization, and implemented a program called FISH! Philosophy in attempt to change the culture. Although his intentions were headed down the right path, his implementation of the change was made in the incorrect manner.
Recently, I attended a three day management training course in which we learned the importance of the correct culture of an organization, but also the importance of a vision and mission of the organization as well, which in turn molds the culture. The first step in this cultural change is to establish a clear vision of where one wants the organization to go (Denning, 2011), this is something Thomas was not clear about.
I have created a time line of how to implement a culture change such as Thomas intended. Although his goal of creating this change within a month is practical, he first needed to start with his managers and being clear with just exactly he wanted to do and his final outcome he was striving for. His first line mangers Gary Thomas, Maria DeLuca, Bill Wilson, Carlyle Smith and Kathleen McTrite should all be introduced to this change together. Without their individual buy in, the change will fail just as it did. They need to first discover the importance of the change, and be allowed to have their personal input, without this important step the change will not be passed on to their direct reports.
If we stay with Thomas’ time line of one month, the…

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