A Reflection On Health Care Practice Essay

1286 Words Aug 29th, 2016 null Page
This essay is a reflection on my anticipated health care practice. It was required that I choose a group that was effected by the diversity of ethnicities, religions, genders, sexualities and abilities in the Australian population. I chose to do a mental disability, which was dementia. Four components will be addressed into this essay; the barriers to health care access and good care, my attitude, values and beliefs towards those with dementia, culturally safe health care practices that I might undertake with Individuals with dementia, and how I, as a health care provider could advocate for people with dementia at a population level.
I noticed that people with dementia suffer from multiple barriers to health care access and good care. One of these is gaining access to an early diagnosis. There are multiple things that can impede an early diagnosis to dementia. These are: the way some general practitioners view dementia, some general practitioners tend to stigmatize dementia, some even prefer not to disclose a diagnosis as there is fear associated with developing dementia (Gove et al., 2015). Another factor that is paramount in an early diagnosis not being made, is that a large amount of people believe dementia is a normal part of aging and as such is not an issue to be worried about (Paterson and Pond, 2009). Another issue with people who have dementia is that there is a significant lack of quality residential care. Dementia is often generalized and is treated as any other…

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