A Reflection On Gay And Gay Rights Essay

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I have several gay family members and friedns. I think I am one that, deep down inside believe gay and lesbians should have every right as heterosexuals. But there is still a part of me that does feel a bit awkward any time the subject is presented. I think I get uncomfortable at times because of the long history of our society’s norm and what sometimes seems to be a universal belief or question if being gay or a lesbian is right. My initial reaction wants to be based off what the norm should be, but really what is normal these days. And when I feel this way I feel as if this initial reaction of mine contradicts my true belief. My belief is that everyone is equal and should be given equal rights.

In Richard D. Mohr’s article, “On Gay Rights”, Richard argues several positions for gay rights. “Who are gays anyway?” As Richard puts it, ‘they are your friends, your minister, your teacher, your bank teller, your doctor, your mail carrier, your secretary, your congressional representative, your sibling, parent and spouse. They are everywhere, virtually and ordinary, virtually all unknown.’ With the experiences I have had, I have to say this is true. My sister-n-law’s brother is gay; he came out when he was a teenager. My wife’s aunt was married twice and divorced from both marriages and has 3 kids. After the second divorce she came out of the closet. Fifteen years has past and she is still with her female partner. My wife and I use to hang out with another couple. They have 2…

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