A Reflection On A Family Vacations

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For this assignment I choose to write about a family vacation. This family vacation may not have been anything too spectacular to anyone looking in from the outside. However, to those who were fortunate enough to be part of the vacation, it meant everything. This family vacation story also shows how important family really is.

In the 13 years that my husband and I have been married we have never really gone on a vacation, besides just going home and visiting family. However, in 2013 we received a call from my father in law where he told us that we had to be available for a particular set of dates and that we had to go to New Mexico during that time. We made all the arrangements necessary and we headed to New Mexico. Once in New Mexico we found out that we were going on a big family vacation. This family vacation included my husband, me and our children, but also my mother and father in law, my husbands brother and his family, my husband’s
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As I was reflecting on the family vacation, I talked to my husband and children about this event and they all remembered it in the same way that I do. It was fun to reflect on this family vacation and remember the sheer joy that was seen in the faces on the many family members who were in attendance. Even though it has only been a few years, I have noticed that my feelings regarding this occasion have become fonder. And luckily, for us we have photos to look back at for years to come.

I believe that a nonfamily member would learn that in my family, family is the most important thing in the world. I would also hope that a nonfamily member would see how much we all love each other. My family vacation story also shows teaches others that an occasion does not have to be fancy or activity packed to be a memorable event. As a bonus my family vacation story may also teach people that life is short and to not waste any

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