A Reflection Of My Grade 11 University English Class With Ms. Carr

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This is a reflection of the first unit of my Grade 11 University English class with Ms. Carr. In this unit, I learned about different types of essays. I reviewed definitions of rhetorical devices, learned about the elements of formal and informal essay, created an essay analyzing formal and informal elements from a persuasive essay, did questions on various essays from an anthology book, wrote rough draft essays in each essay style, selected one of those rough drafts to type up as an essay, and took a test everything covered in the unit. I was not looking forward to this unit. I do not like writing essays as I often put minimum effort into my outlines which results in me having to rewrite my paragraphs on the computer at least three or four times, which is a prevalent issue for me. I should put more effort into my outlines, as it is an obvious weakness for me. However, I just learned about data sheets, which should help me organize my information better before I start any outlines in the future. I took notes on rhetorical devices in this unit. I had a problem with the notes because I had never heard of some of the terms, so I had to learn their definitions. I am good at memorising things so it was not too hard to overcome. I learned about the elements of informal and formal essays early on in the unit. It was boring for me because we had to analyze several essays. I do not like analyzing things because I like reading a text and being done with it. When I…

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