Essay on A Red, Red Rose By Robert Burns

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Burns “True Love” Robert Burns’ A Red, Red Rose explains his love for his “bonie lass” repetitively. Throughout his poem, he gives many similes and metaphors to compare the great love for this mysterious young woman making it obvious on what the theme is. This theme is simply love. He repetitively exclaims his love to the women throughout the entire poem. Burn was born in Scotland during the time in which it was becoming part of Europe and the European culture was spreading in Scotland, also. (Shmoop) He also grew up as a farmer, but was very intelligent giving him his ability to write beautiful poetry. This is relevant because of some of the language that is used in this specific poem, such as, “Luve” (line 1,3,6, 13), “bonie” (line 5), “gang” (line 8) and “fare thee well” (line 13), bringing his original culture into his poetry. The title of the poem, A Red, Red Rose, is evident that he is comparing his love to a red rose. While looking up the word red, Oxfords English Dictionary states red is the “designated color for blood.” (OED) Also, a rose has thorns, which may cause blood if it is touched. Love can be looked at in two different ways. The first way, is love is pure and wonderful; like a rose, love is beautiful. Another way it can be viewed is love is harsh and mean; like the thorns, it can stab you where you are most vulnerable. The first simile given is “O my Luve’s like a red, red rose” (line 1) giving the poem its title. The line clearly compares his…

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