A Recent Tax Reform Proposals Essay

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Recent Tax Reform Proposals
In March every year, I hear conversations about doing taxes, dealing with the IRS, and the nuisance of having to file taxes by the April 15 deadline. I just never really paid much attention to those conversations while I was in the odd-job category. Then, I had my first real job as a lifeguard and a basketball assistant at my church. That year, my dad helped me with completing and filing my state and federal taxes on time. My earnings were not much so I did not owe any taxes. However, my real wake-up call came when I started working a part-time job at Kroger. Now I had joined the big league with everyone else, but the advantage I had was that I could still use the 1040EZ form. I was really shocked when I saw how much of my meager income went to taxes. I began to notice that television and newspaper reporters, journalists, and politicians constantly brought up the need for tax code revision, especially at election time. Since I am eligible to vote for the first time this year, I really dislike how every commercial break on television has candidates’ endless talk about tax code revision and lowering taxes. Little to nothing is ever actually done about it. I am a business major and hope one day to have my own business or at least be employed by a business where I will earn an income requiring me to file tax forms other than the 1040EZ! For that reason, I have decided to check out the current code and some of the most recent and
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