A Recent Study Of The Civil War Essay

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In a recent study, James Marten argues a “small gap in the historiography of the Civil War” exists, asserting that “little is known about Southern refugees who favored the Union over the Confederacy.” He contends that “Mary Elizabeth Massey’s Refugee Life in the Confederacy (1964) is the only major work on refuges.” Marten alleges thousands of Texans fled the state to receive refugee status in New Orleans when the Federal forces captured it in the spring of 1862. He presents several reasons why they fled the state. The primary reason being that public opinion turned against those who supported the Unionist vote during the secession referendum. For example, the Austin State Gazette editorials urged “that loyal citizens must not ‘permit an element of disaffection to remain among us, to assail us with its insidious and treacherous weapons’… ‘to destroy every element of treason in Texas by the most prompt and efficient means.” Also, Conscription Laws and economic hardships provided additional incentives for flight. Marten provides a detailed historiography of Texas refugees residing in New Orleans. He asserts that certain individuals became successful, both financially or politically, during the Civil War years. For example, A.J. Hamilton, Thomas Duval, S.M. Swenson, George Gray, George Paschal Jr., Dr. Richard R. Peebles, John Hancock, George W. Brackenridge, Amos Morrill, and George Denison. Laborers, farmers, or artisan’s lacking in finances joined the…

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