A Realistic Portrayal Of American Education Essay

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I really enjoyed the movie because it shed some light on things I did not know prior to watching Waiting for Superman. I do feel like it was a realistic portrayal of American education today because with my family, every time we would move my parents would be very specific were they chose to live to ensure that we had a great public education. I hear all the time about places that have poor schooling, and that families do not have the means to move their children out of these places, or get them into a better school. Education is the road to success for every individual. It is how people will learn how to function in todays society, as well as achieve great things. It is rare that a person in this day and age, to be able to make something extraordinary of themselves with out education at all, as well as poor education. Education is the water that grows all plants, and feeds every life form, without it we would be stuck. Society would never advance, and things would go down hill from them. So it is futile that children have a great education, rather than a mediocre one, because they are the future of this nation, and this world. It is their parents and their teacher’s responsibility to prepare them adequately.
If the system is broken, as depicted within the movie, then there are only so much great individual teachers, and loving parents can do for these children if at every turn they are halted by a law, and regulation. Most of these are out of date, and made for society 50…

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