A Raisin Of The Sun Essay

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If a family weathers enough struggle, could the relationships within dry up like a raisin in the sun? The play A Raisin in the Sun portrays an average African American family, the Youngers, as each family member attempts to achieve each of his or her individual dreams. Act I is based around the life of Ruth Younger, the wife of Walter Younger and the mother of Travis Younger. Ruth plays the role of the realist in her family. Ruth knows the odds of her dreams coming true in the stage of life she is in. All of her family members aspire to do or become something big, but Ruth knows the chances of success. Alongside Ruth’s realist role, she also tends to serve the role of the glue that holds the family together. She attempts to stay indifferent in disagreements; however, she also wishes to resolve them. Throughout Act I, Ruth demonstrates unique relationships with her husband Walter, her son Travis, her mother-in-law Mama, and her sister-in-law Beneatha.

Walter Younger, the husband of Ruth, wants nothing more than to pull his family out of the current state of poverty they live in. With the $10,000 check that Mama received because of the death of her husband, Walter hopes to start his own liquor business with his friends. Ruth, on the contrary, believes that Walter’s ideas do not contain the family’s best interests. When Ruth makes her boredom and exhaustion apparent, Walter begins to blame her for his lack of success:

WALTER. That is just what is wrong with the colored woman…

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