A Raid On The Oyster Pirates Analysis

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The author of this story, Jack London, wrote many stories through his life and receives 10,000 of letter in a year. He was an Oyster pirate just like in the story and he was even calls as “Prince of the San Francisco bay Oyster Pirates”. In the story “A Raid on the Oyster Pirates”, he creates an interesting characters through their speech and action and describes how each of characters look. The story, helps the reader identify the characters by explain how each of the characters act and speaks. In this story, Jack London is writhing about his experiences and what he knows, makes the story an autobiographical sketch. Mr. Taft is the Oyster- bed owner, his goal was to catch the pirates that are stealing his Oyster. The author describes, “A stout, elderly man, with the dress and carriage of a successful merchant, came up and stood beside us, looking down upon the deck of the Ghost. He appeared angry, and the longer he looked the angrier he grew” (London 2). Jack London Describes Mr. Taft as a rich old gentleman looking for the pirates that stealing his Oyster and his plan is to catch them but has no evidence to proof it. The author describes, “My watchmen and boats are at your disposal. Come and see me at the San Francisco offices any time, or telephone at my expense. And don't be afraid of …show more content…
The author describes, “‘Where'd you swipe the old tub?’ asked a squat and hairy man, with cruel eyes and Mexican features” (London 8). Jack London describes Mexican features person appearance through the narrator view of him. The author describes, “‘Well, I don't admire your taste, that's all,’ sneered he of the Mexican features. ‘I'd rot on the beach first before I'd take a tub that couldn't get out of its own way’” (London 9). Jack London uses characters speech to help reader determine who is Mexican features and helps the readers knows that he is a pirate by the way he

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