Essay about A Radical Feminist Movement

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Redstockings was a radical feminist movement started in the 1960s. In their proclamation, “Redstockings Manifesto,” women of the Redstockings movement call for women to realize and fight against the oppression of their class, and call on men to assist them in not only making men and women equal, but also releasing women from the male’s control. To begin, the Redstockings indicate that the oppression of women is not only present in the areas of employment and politics. Women are only viewed as domestic creatures; however hold no power even in this area. When they do not meet these domestic expectations, women are threatened with violence. This oppression was then blamed solely on men. So, to attain their freedom, women must expose the truth; every institution in America, one’s women work for and visit daily, were built upon sexism. They called this consciousness-raising. To raise consciousness, women are asked to be honest with themselves and others about the state of their class. As oppression is noticed women will unite. Lastly, Redstockings ask their oppressors, men, to abandon their power to support the freeing of women and the bettering of America. In “Listen, America,” Jerry Falwell, a minister, criticizes the direction in which America is headed: a state of immorality and escape from the ways and beliefs America was founded upon. Falwell calls on his fellow Christians to reverse the destruction of America. Falwell blames television, public school, and Americans…

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