A Quiet Day By Raymond Carver Essay

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"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." -Marilyn Monroe The two chosen characters are examples of having things falling a part, but the father in "Today Will Be a Quiet Day, shows how things fall in place. In "Little Things," the fathers relationship with his wife falls apart. The father in "Today Will Be a Quiet Day" has a better relationship with his children than the other father does with his baby. In "Little Things" by Raymond Carver, the parents of the baby are very hostile to each other. In "Today Will Be a Quiet Day" by Amy Hempel, the father and the kids are very happy with each other. "Little Things" has more drama and conflict than in "Today Will Be a Quiet Day." The dad in "Today Will be a Quiet Day" foreshadows what life will be like for the other dad in "Little Things." The two fathers are in different milestones in their life. When the mother in "Little Things" says, "I 'm glad you 're leaving!" (Carver 331). The scene gets more dramatic and readers can see that they are heading for a divorce. When the mother says, "You can 't even look me in the face, can you?" (Carver 331). Readers assume the dad has been unfaithful in someway and is now leaving. In "Today Will Be a Quiet Day" the father is mature and loves his children, but he needs to spend more time with them and reconnect with them. When readers are told, "He thought his kids were as self-contained as one of those dogs you sometimes see carrying home its…

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