Essay about A Queer Body

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Next we moved onto the idea of our bodies as a language that we use not only to express ourselves but to understand those around us. Those with queerly different, unique and interesting bodies. Bodies that have a history and an identity. Through the teachings of Eli Claire we learned about the idea of a queer body. A body that doesn’t follow society’s standard, whether it be because of gender, sexuality, disability or another anomaly; these bodies are seen as malformed or broken. He teaches us the idea of living queerly as part of the “dyke” community. This community in which he found home and solace and yet still felt queer because of body languages. The languages of his disability that prevented him from pursuing other jobs, the language of his class that kept him trapped with one foot in working class and the other in middle class. These languages that as a whole made up the Body language that Eli used to communicate his queerness to others also trapped him. Eli Claire experienced his body in a multitude of ways, as we all do. In this class we have a countless number of identities and bodies languages, including but is not limited to gay, straight, bi, pan, ace, trans, cis, female, male, sometimes neither, sometimes either, lower class, middle class, working class, upper class, disabled, abled, all of these languages plus the wide variety of different races between us. We all experience our bodies in different ways, and sometimes these ways are yet to be defined. We…

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