A Public Sphere On The Deep Web Essay

1264 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
information, however it can be identified as a public opinion against adultery produced by a public sphere on the Deep Web. The example of the Ashley Madison leaks being attributed to the formation of public opinion on a social issue supports the identification of Deep Web as a public sphere, using important themes like anonymity and independence. However, as previously mentioned, the public sphere is an important political tool in democratic society because it gives citizens the power to influence political action. In consideration of Internet studies, the subject of subcultures will be analyzed, identifying Internet activism as a major contribution to the influence of political action. The organization WikiLeaks will show how the Deep Web public sphere influences domestic political action, and the Arab Springs protests will demonstrate how the public sphere influences extraterritorial political action. First, WikiLeaks is a media organization that is known to publish and leak sensitive and secret governmental documents in the interest of public knowledge. While many anonymous journalists are responsible for some of the leaks, the organization also allows other anonymous submissions to be accepted through the use of Tor in mention of its security, enabled by the technology. The influence of WikiLeaks on political action will be discussed further, however it is important to note the importance of openness within the WikiLeak organization subculture. By not having…

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