Essay about A Psychological Limitation Of Self Control

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A Psychological Limitation of Self-Control
Interdisciplinary Rational
Hackers are people. While simplistic, this statement is the foremost factor for the need for an interdisciplinary approach to answer this question. People are complex. By extensions, many problems involving people are complex as well. Just as the human mind has been examined by academics within multiple disciplines; such as psychology and biology, it is reasonable to expect that discerning the motivational factors behind becoming a hacker would also require multiple disciplines. My research confirms this and, for the scope of this project, I have drawn from the strengths of the following disciplines: information technology, psychology, sociology, and economics. Each of these fields, while having much strength in its focused area, has gaps in regards to answering a problem that spans into adjacent areas of study. Accordingly, synthesizing the research from each of these disciplines on hackers allowed for closure of these gaps and made it possible to create new knowledge that was not possible from the perspective of a single field.
Information Technology In understanding how hackers are able to breach information systems using exploitation techniques, the academic discipline of information technology, an interdisciplinary field in itself, was invaluable. The research and work performed in this field have developed an understanding of how these attacks are able to be accomplished. With this…

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