A Psychoanalytical Perspective On Jacob 's ' The Novel ' Defending Jacob '

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Sigmund Freud introduced a psychoanalytical theory that states that adults who did not go through certain stages of development in their childhood, would have issues during adulthood. In this theory, Freud also states that the mind has three parts, an Id, the unconscious part of the psyche that stores desires, wishes, and fears, the Superego, the moral centre of the mind, and lastly the Ego, the rational part of the mind that chooses the most realistic action. In the novel Defending Jacob by William Landay the protagonist Jacob Barber develops some psychological problems while inheriting a killer gene called MAOA knockout. Although Jacob tries to use this to help defend himself in trial, he is still charged with first degree murder. It becomes obvious that the gene is not the only force driving his killer instincts, it is also his psyche, and therefore this book must be analyzed through a psychoanalytical lens to understand Jacob’s internal battle due to his upbringing, everyday environment, and genetic condition.

Jacob’s psychological problems began when he was a toddler. Ever since Jacob was a baby Laurie didn’t feel the need to look after him and instruct him. “Anyways, the point is, I just think we flatter ourselves when we say we can engineer our kids to be this way or that way, it’s mostly just hardwired” (30). This quote is significant because it shows Laurie’s opinion on the influence parents could have on a child and also shows Jacob the lack of attention…

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