A Proposal Toward A Local Community Issue Essay

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A Proposal Advocating Toward a Local Community Issue
Whether someone is commuting to and from work or just trying to run errands for everyday necessities, road construction is a common factor in delaying everyday traffic. By changing the time that construction occurs will benefit the residents from the city and the new incoming visitors. The road construction is horrible in Collin County because it causes more issues to occur than on a normal day of driving without the construction. However, it is worse in Allen along Stacy and North Central Expressway (Highway 75), due to the expansion and increasing size in the population. Unfortunately, there are too many people driving and converging within that general area and intersection. This is where all the shopping centers are located, resulting in not enough lanes for the amount of traffic going through while there is construction happening. For example, driving north on Highway 75 through the various Allen exits, either one or more lanes would be closed due to a construction project. However, by doing this during the rush hour time of day led to many problems for the drivers. Due to the lack of the number of lanes available from construction led to road rage and accidents, while the increase in the traffic backing up results in detours needing to be made. In order to avoid the multitude of dilemmas that were previously mentioned, the construction should proceed overnight.
Although there are other solutions to solving the…

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