Essay A Proposal Of How Autobell Car Wash

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I am writing a proposal of how AutoBell Car Wash can improve new ways to strengthen its business practices for the external customer experience and for the overall work environment. As you may know, AutoBell is the second largest regional full service, conveyorized car wash company that currently has over 75 current locations in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Your corporate office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina that is heavily operated and family owned business through your father, Charlie Howard. The company strives for providing full quality car wash services at a great value while focusing on an exceptional customer experience. With a motivated staff that is eager to work helps what makes Autobell Car Wash what it is today. However, there are some concerns and requests that can easily be fixable for the business. For instance, customers are not getting a full emphasis of what they are truly purchasing when coming to AutoBell, which can cause dissatisfaction and frustration towards employees, staff, and the company. I believe there could be a better way for customers to get a full understanding of what they will receive while also adding new features to the services that AutoBell offers. Also, I suggest we some other ideas that could make the company perform better. By implementing these ideas into the business, we would be able to expand our audience externally that will bring quality service and a better customer experience, the…

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