A Promote Student Self Awareness Essay examples

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A. Promoting Student Self-Awareness.
To my understanding of the scenario one, the evidence from Vignette 1 shows that Mr. Fowler is trying to promote self-awareness with Sasha. Mr. Fowler has met with Sasha’s parent many times, and I believe his meeting with Sasha’s parent is to discourse her performance at school. Mr. Fowler has also positioned Sasha’s desk near his work station, Mr. Fowler positioned Sasha’s desk near his work station so he can be able to monitor her activity closely and provide her direction. Because Sasha’s desk is positioned near Mr. Fowler’s desk, he was able to redirected Sasha to stay on task and he has also sent several emails to Sasha’s parent concerning her incomplete assignments. Mr. Fowler can provide or implement a daily check list for Sasha to check off any complete activity or instructional goals and provide feedback to Sasha so she is aware of her progress. For example, the fact that Mr. Fowler provide self-monitoring checklist to Sasha will make her think if she is getting the teaching materials and the homework ready, listening and following directions. Sasha will also will be aware if she is not doing her work on the task for the entire time, and she will be able to ask herself if she have homework tonight. Mr. Fowler is promoting self-awareness to Sasha by doing all this thing with her.
B. Promoting Student Self-Management.
I don’t think Mr. Fowler is promoting self-management with Sasha. Even though Mr. Fowler has in the past allowed…

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