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Final Project Reflection
Whereas the project went very well, I do not think I performed at my absolute best. My main downfall was my failure to use the five weeks given to complete the project appropriately, with a much larger portion of the work occurring in the final week.
There are three main things I could have done better. Firstly, I would want to work more efficiently and finish the project earlier, as described above. Doing so would have greatly reduced stress and afforded more time to implement desired features. Second, I want to work in a more organized fashion. Many of the clauses written in the Company Contract (e.g., organized meetings with the company), as well as project requirements, were ignored. Instead, I simply worked on whatever I felt needed doing, and official meetings devolved into short discussions interspersed throughout the week. Finally, I would put more effort into the required project documents, such as the UML and planning sheets. As the documents were created as an afterthought immediately before they were due, they were sometimes created incorrectly or not at all.
Yes, I think the project was worthwhile. I find this kind of independent, unguided project worthwhile, as it is a close representation of what one who enters the field of software development might encounter; teaches corporate responsibility as a large amount of documents must be submitted; and gives students who just want to code free reign to experiment and create something…

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