A Project On National Biosafety Strategy Essays

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The TE only provided a summary of the project’s outcome achievements, and rated the project’s overall outcome effectiveness as “Moderately Unsatisfactory”. This TER will also rate the project’s outcome effectiveness as “Moderately Unsatisfactory”. The project has been successful in working towards realizing its intended targets, but due to the lack of timely approval of relevant laws and regulation by the government, the project’s other achievements cannot serve well the project’s goals. The TER’s rating will be supported by an analysis of relevant information provided by TE and PIR 2014 (As of June 30 2014, one month before the project closure), as per below: (TE, p.26-30); (PIR 2014,p.4-11)
Outcome Component A: Biosafety is integrated into the national biotechnology strategy of Tunisia
Indicator: National Biosafety Strategy published (pending to be fully achieved)
EOP (end of project) Target Value: Functional Biosafety Strategy document is in place
Value as of June 30, 2014: Biosafety Strategy and Action plan finalized in Arabic and French; A scientific review is done for the actualization of national biosafety strategy
EOP status reported by the TE: The draft Biosafety strategic documents was approved by all stakeholders but not by the government yet

Outcome Component B: A fully operational and responsive regulatory regime in line with the Cartagena Protocol and national needs and priorities is in place
Indicator: Biosafety Law with supporting implementing Decrees…

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