A Project On Computer Stock Essay examples

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For this project each student was given $1 million to invest in virtual stock. Regulations included having to have at least three different companies invested in at many moment in time. It also has to be from either the NYSE or NASDAQ. This took place over the span of six weeks and must sell and buy at least one stock per week. Then when we sold and bought stock we would send an email to our instructor to show what we did that week. During the week one I bought stock in MA, DIS, DAL, BWLD, and CL. 100 stocks in MA, 22 in DIS, 200 in DAL, 14 in BWLD, and 30 in CL. My main mistake in the first few days was not spending enough money to begin with. I had $975,793.08 left to spend after my initial transaction. Not spending enough was just a huge mistake, if I was able to spend that amount quicker at the beginning of the six weeks my rank and overall gain at the end of six weeks could have been completely different.
After that first week I made sure to spend as much of my money as possible to make up for lost time. I spent all of my money on about ten different stocks. Week two I bought TSLA and HOLL. I sold one stock of DAL. Week three I sold all of my TSLA and BWLD stock. Looking back on this I wish I would have held on to my Tesla stock a little longer because after a few weeks it had grown a lot. Week four I sold all of my stock in CL, MA, DAL, YAHOO, TGT and DIS. I bought stock in about four more companies to spend as much money as I could. I probably could have held on to…

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