A Project Manager's Authority, Autonomy, And Conflict-Management

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Question :
Empirical evidence suggests a project manager 's authority, autonomy, and conflict-management skills are essential for delivering projects within the approved schedule and budget. Describe the skills listed below in the context of the organizational structure. Are they essential skills for project managers?
Conflict management

The “Project Manager” is the individual accountable for controlling/ managing the project. He is the only individual accountable for achieving the project goals within the restrictions and limitations of the given project. He is also accountable for the result ( whether failure or success) of the development as well as the “Project Manager” is occupied with the monitoring,
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As “project administration is developed, it happen to obvious that “project managers” also need the capability to persuade and sell the project to the clients and users. If project manager is not authoritative type then he would not be able to delegate the work to the team members as well as not be able to communicate properly to the clients and seniors. In such cases, essential communication need is developed into the requirement for project managers to observe the project from the client’s or the user’s point of view. They just could not worry themselves with the “technical knowledge”. It is important for the project administrators to learn the requirement, impact and other related issues of the project on the business and on the client’s or users. The project managers should be capable enough to drive the usage of the resources in a specific manner to attain the relevant outcome of the business. (Flannes, Levin & Flannes, …show more content…
The probability for disagreement in knowledge systems progress projects is generally high as it includes people from dissimilar orientations and backgrounds operating to finish a complex work. The reason of disagreement in group projects can be connected to dissimilarity in personalities, resources, perceptions, expectations, needs, attitudes and values. Appropriate skills in handling with disagreement can help “project managers” as well as other company members to deal and efficiently resolve disagreements which can direct to a more creative association as a complete. Conflict can be constructive or destructive. In “Project Management”: A classification structure to controlling, scheduling and planning, as 5 modes for disagreement decision are clarify and the conditions when they are best used are recognized. These modes are avoiding, forcing, smoothing, compromising and confronting. Project manager needs to select the correct mode as per the situation so that he can handle the situation as well as task can be completed as per the defined target. However, project manager can establish an innovation or creativity with the proper management of the conflict and the goals can be achieved. (Umsl.edu,

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