Essay on A Project Manager Of A Large Information Systems Project

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Rachel is a project manager of a large information systems project. She has an extremely busy schedule, however, if she was more efficient in her daily tasks, she might be more effective. According to Gray and Larson (2014), it is critical for project managers to be able to adapt and be innovated during the lifecycle of a project, because a good amount of projects do not go as planned nor according to schedule.
Areas of Effectiveness
Before Rachel’s ineffective work traits are examined, it is important to point out that she is effective at times throughout the day. Rachel has a willingness to stay organized by using a calendar, keeping a to-do list, and using Microsoft Project. According to Ahmad and Salam (2015), “project mangers’ performance and its association with project success has been the focus in the past research, factors impacting project success are also discussed, arguing that managers ' effectiveness can be measured through their willingness” (p. 475). In other words, Rachel’s willingness to attempt to stay organized is a positive aspect of a project manager.
Rachel’s has good emotional intelligence. She is able to monitor her own and others’ emotions and she is able to take advice and recommendations from others (Creasy & Anantanmula, 2013). She follows up and embraces the issues that need to be addressed in the early morning meeting quickly and swiftly; this helps keep the project on track. This can be critical to making sure the schedule stays as…

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