A Project Manager For Google Essay

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I am a number. I am one of 10,000 UCF business majors, one of 60,000+ students, one of the 1.8 million Bachelor’s degree recipients annually. I am one, but I want to be the one. I want to be a Project Manager for Google to combine my passion for technology and the finance and management skills I have learned and will reach this goal by evaluating my sources of hire to establish networks, mapping my career path to identify gaps and opportunities, and implementing a career action plan to meet my intermediate milestones.
The first and most basic steps in my career action plan were to set a solid foundation on which achievable goals could be made. For example, my first step was to make business cards, create a resume, and maintain a competitive GPA suitable for a Fortune 500 company. With the help of Career Services and a private meeting with my Career Coach Michael Torres, I was able to design my business cards and create an achievement-oriented resume to help me stand out at the UCF Career Expo and throughout my college career. I have also been utilizing SARC tutors to help me maintain a 4.00 GPA. This is important because UCF is not a Google-targeted school, so a high GPA is necessary to stand a chance in the sea of applications. Speaking to my career coach also helped me with my next career action plan step: establish a network. My career coach actually formerly recruited for Google! I was able to further expand my network by attending events at The Exchange, tabling for my…

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