Essay on A Project Manager For Andres Construction Services

1022 Words Apr 11th, 2016 null Page
During our class lecture that took place on April 6, 2016, we had the opportunity of learning from a guest speaker, Cody Whittle, who is a construction project manager for Andres Construction Services located in Dallas, Texas. Andres Construction Services is a Texas based general contractor and has office locations in Dallas, Austin, and Houston. As stated above, Cody came from the Dallas office to speak to our class about the importance of construction scheduling, and how he has been able to successfully schedule projects during his time in the construction industry. Mr. Whittle began by giving the class an overview of Andres Construction Services, and explained to us that Andres primarily specializes in multi-family buildings (condos and apartments), retirement communities, and adaptive re-use (restoring older, historical buildings). He also stated that Andres builds office buildings, private schools and universities, and churches as well. One of the more interesting things that Cody explained to the class was that Andres does not bid or contract any hard bid competitive projects. He told the class that the one hundred percent of the work Andres Construction completes is all negotiated directly with the owner, while explaining that the mission statement of Andres is to foster relationships with owners in order to receive more business from them after successfully completing a project on time. I found this relationship based business model to be a very well thought out and…

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