Essay about A Program Of The Nsf Reu Program

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I want to be a part of the NSF-REU program because I know I would make a great contribution. In an informal research project for my biology lab course, I led a team of four in a time-crunched, self-created lab. I took up the role of leadership, assigned tasks, organized meetings and worked outside of class hours to complete the testing. Taking charge wasn’t always easy for me but, at the College of Saint Benedict, there is a NSF S-STEM scholarship program called FoCuS. The program provides mentorship, leadership training and academic opportunities to students with a heavy interest in the sciences. As one of eighteen to be accepted, I continue to thrive in my new surroundings and grow as I became an in-class tutor for Dr. Kate Graham. In addition to advanced chemistry courses, which include organic topics in the intro level, the chemistry lab program at the College of Saint Benedict provides me with the skills I know other colleges do not offer, such as training on how to run and analyze NMR, IR, electrophoresis, etc. Currently, I am synthesizing fluorescent proteins in E.Coli and am a chemistry class and lab ahead of the other students in my year. My academics have given me the skills and knowledge required to understand the complex studies done on research as well as an edge over my peers.

Along with my academics, my ability to lead and communicate with people of all ages and levels are mostly due to my volunteer work and customer service. At the Animal Humane Society, I…

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